About Us

Our passion for the ocean is as deep as the depths we explore. Odyssey Marine Exploration is engaged in the discovery, development and extraction of deep-ocean minerals. Our team uses innovative methods and advanced technology to provide access to critical resources worldwide.


​The subsea mineral category is poised to fill the growing global demand for base minerals. Offshore mineral exploration provides an alternative, environmentally sound method of obtaining much-needed resources which are diminishing on land.


Odyssey has assembled a world-class team of professionals, scientists and technicians, and is at the forefront of underwater exploration. Our projects include the discovery and assessment of seafloor massive sulfide, phosphorite and polymetallic/manganese nodule resources in water depths ranging from shallow (<100 meters) to over 6,000 meters.


Odyssey has a diverse portfolio and pipeline of mineral concessions rights in multiple jurisdictions. Odyssey also performs marine services for third-party contracts, including private clients and governments.

The deep sea is a widely untapped territory that contains valuable mineral resources that are becoming scarce to find on land. Our goal is to help establish industry practices that will balance the world’s need for minerals with scientifically-based practices of environmental stewardship.

Our Vision
Our Mission

To be the world leader in the exploration for and development of seabed resources in a responsible and profitable manner.

Leverage our core capabilities developing subsea mineral assets to create and realize near-term and long-term value.

Our Core Values


We achieve world-class results by applying high standards to our business practices.  We are dedicated to operating transparently, documenting our science practices, and conducting our work in a responsible manner. 


Our pioneering culture enables us to be nimble and inventive. We determine an objective and devise a way to achieve our goals.


Driven by a passion for exploration and discovery, our success is directly attributable to our elite team. We consciously cultivate relationships with subject-matter experts to achieve our mission. We understand that it is crucial to work together as one team to achieve successful results and we go the extra mile to support each other on this journey. 

We Care

Our team members, the environment and the communities in which our projects take place are important to us. We also believe in sharing the information we discover with the world.  We employ business practices that support these ideals throughout the organization.  

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