Odyssey believes that in the future, subsea mineral deposits may be one of the best options for mineral resource attainment. 

The world population is growing in size (and age) while also becoming aware of better choices we as a society need to make to sustain a healthy planet and life on earth. Low-carbon technologies (including wind, solar, and renewable batteries) are mineral intensive and driving up the demand for critical metals.  The population boom expected in the next few decades will mean that farmers need access to affordable fertilizer to produce nutrient-dense crops to nourish the growing population. 

Odyssey is leading the way to obtaining these critical resources in an environmentally sensitive and economically feasible  manner by diving deep into the ocean to produce results. Our focus is on developing subsea mineral projects that will deliver a net positive impact on the global environment, namely phosphorite deposits (fertilizer) and polymetallic nodules (battery metals). We work directly with governments who are interested in exploring their Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) to survey, map and identify any potential mineral resources present. 


Before these minerals can be brought to the surface, projects must be developed, resources have to be validated and environmental and societal impacts must be assessed. Exploration is the first step. Odyssey is using its 25 plus years of experience developing innovative methods using ocean exploration technology while building a world-class team of expertise to advise and execute its projects. Along the way we intend to use our work to contribute to marine scientific research and establish community programs so that our impact extends beyond just the value of the resource. 


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