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Odyssey is always adding and developing new projects for its diverse portfolio and pipeline of mineral concessions rights  in multiple jurisdictions around the globe.

The projects listed here are in early stages of development with active discussions to finalize plans to move the projects forward. 

South American Phosphate Project

Status: Odyssey entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to create a joint venture (JV) company in which Odyssey will own a 75% interest.


Resource: Phosphate


Project Overview

The new company will have exclusive rights to a minimum of 19 areas encompassing 380 km2 of seabed in an EEZ of a South American country believed to be highly prospective for phosphorite deposits. Legacy data and desktop research indicate high-grade phosphate deposits in the concession areas. Pending execution of the definitive agreement, Odyssey will manage the overall Phosphate Project development, and the local JV partner will manage business operations. A related party to the JV partner will provide marine operations services supervised by Odyssey. Odyssey’s planned exploration program will define the geological setting and provide data to refine extraction solutions with the goal of recovering phosphate ore in an environmentally responsible manner without the addition of any chemicals into the sea.

The Antigua and Barbuda Sustainable Seabed Resource Development Program

Status: Odyssey entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda in September 2021. A definitive agreement for the project is expected to be signed soon.


Resource: Polymetallic Nodules


Project Overview

Odyssey is proposing to map and survey the entire EEZ of Antigua and Barbuda which is 110,071 km2 and expands up to 200 miles from the beaches and coastline. Marine mineral resource exploration will occur much further offshore in the abyssal plain which reaches depths of 5,000 meters.  Based on legacy data, regional analysis and seafloor conditions which are similar to and adjacent our target area, Odyssey’s research team believes there is a high probability for polymetallic nodule formation. There is potential for some work such as marine sands dredging to occur near shore. 

  • Advance our subsea mineral assets to create and realize near-term and long-term value for our company, shareholders and host countries.

  • Conduct global marine operations reaching extreme depths to identify and validate resources.

·        Expand our mineral resource portfolio through the development of new projects, acquisition of mineral rights and deposits, and through a leveraged contracting model that allows value to be realized in mineral resource projects in several phases of development.

·        Foster new and continued relationships with governments and international businesses to expand opportunities for stakeholders worldwide.

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