Odyssey is solidifying one of the largest collections of diversified deep-ocean mineral portfolios working in EEZs around the world. 

Odyssey Marine Exploration works with countries around the world who are interested in exploring, validating and developing subsea mineral deposits in their Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Our projects are developed with partners who share our commitment for sustainable and environmentally sound solutions for subsea mineral exploration and development.

We regularly add new projects that meet our stringent standards through our proprietary Global Prospectivity Program. Our portfolio continues to grow through the development of new deposits, acquisition of mineral rights/deposits and through our leveraged contracting model, which allows the company to earn equity in deep-sea mineral projects. Our focus is on developing subsea mineral projects that will have a positive impact on society, namely phosphorite deposits (fertilizer) and polymetallic nodules (battery metals).


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South America 

Phosphate Project