Odyssey operates globally and has extensive experience operating in various environments around the world. There are billions of dollars’ worth of valuable and interesting things lying on the ocean floor. However, conducting deep-ocean work is expensive and most countries do not have budgets to fund these expeditions.  We can work with governments to reduce or even eliminate their financial risk while providing a back-end reward for successful project monetization.

Mineral Projects

Odyssey can work with governments to identify important deep-ocean mineral resources that are contained within their waters. Benefits to offshore mineral exploration extend beyond a monetary value. Offshore mineral exploration provides an alternative method to extract much-needed resources that are diminishing on land. Our practices cause little to no environmental disruption to the area in which we are operating.

Odyssey has experience in developing phosphate, polymetallic nodules and SMS deposit projects.  We operate within full compliance of the International Seabed Authority regulations.

Case Studies
Shipwreck Projects

With over 20 years of experience researching valuable shipwrecks, we can assist governments in identifying valuable or culturally significant shipwrecks that are contained within their waters as well as shipwrecks that belong to their country that have been sunk in other parts of the world. We work with leading archaeologists to conduct meticulous excavations of historically important sites. After conservation and study of the finds is complete, we can develop a program to share the extraordinary finds of each shipwreck with the broader public. This can include museum displays, virtual exhibitions, TV programming, and publications.

We also have experience exploring and recovering commodities from modern-era shipwrecks lost in the deep ocean. Our highly-specialized tools allow us to conduct precision work to extract valuables hidden in steel or metal framed vessels.

Benefits of partnering with Odyssey on shipwreck projects include:

  • Odyssey secures full funding for project

  • No taxpayer money is used

  • Odyssey and project partners take on all risk for finding and recovering cargoes

  • Typical deal structure awards a return to the government as the wreck or cargo owner with no risk to government

  • Cultural finds are displayed and shared with the public

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