Our Team

Leading researchers, project managers, ROV pilots, surveyors, geophysicists, subsea engineers, archaeologists, geologists and scientists from all corners of the globe work for Odyssey, and we continue to attract the best minds in this industry. Our team members have been involved in high-profile projects including operations on the SS Gairsoppa, SS Central America and the Challenger space shuttle recovery mission, as well as other shipwreck, mineral and marine survey projects for the traditional oil & gas and submarine telecommunications market throughout the world. Not only do some of the most qualified individuals in the industry work for Odyssey, but more importantly they have been working together as a team for over 10 years on challenges globally.


Mark D. Gordon
CEO & Chairman of the Board

Mark D. Gordon was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Odyssey Marine Exploration in October 2014. Mr. Gordon also served as the company's President from 2007-2019 and on Odyssey's Board of Directors since January 2008.  Prior to joining Odyssey, Mr. Gordon started, owned or managed four different entrepreneurial ventures from 1987 to 2003, including Synergy Networks which he founded in 1993 and served as CEO until September of 2003 before selling the company to the Rockefeller Group.

Jay A. Nudi

Jay A. Nudi was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2017 after serving as Interim Chief Financial Officer since June 2016.  He has served as Treasurer since 2010 and as Principal Accounting Officer of the Company since January 2006. Mr. Nudi joined the Company in May 2005 in the Corporate Controller capacity. Mr. Nudi has over 34 years of accounting, finance and strategic management experience and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Andrew Craig
Director of Marine Operations

As Marine Operation Director, Andrew Craig Craig is responsible for the management and acquisition of OMEX’s high-tech deep-ocean tools as well as leading operations aboard Odyssey’s vessels. Mr. Craig has extensive knowledge in mechanical engineering and the archaeological operations of recovery using ROVs.

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John D. Longley
COO & President

John D. Longley was appointed Chief Operating Officer in October 2014 and became President of the company in 2019. Previously, Mr. Longley served as Senior Vice President since 2012 and Director of Business Operations since 2005 when he joined the company. With over 25 years of marketing and business strategy experience, he has been integral in growing the company’s business opportunities including the monetization of valuable shipwreck finds and exploring new deep-ocean opportunities that utilize Odyssey’s core competencies. 

Laura Barton
EVP, Secretary and Director

Laura L. Barton joined the Board of Directors in 2019 and also serves as Corporate Secretary (2015) in addition to her position as Executive Vice President and Director of Communications, which she has held since 2012.  With over 35 years of business experience including more than 20 years at Odyssey, she has extensive marketing, media, project management, content development, corporate governance, investor relations, management and strategic planning experience.  

Greg Stemm
Co-Founder, Chairman Emeritus & Consultant

Greg Stemm has played an important role in the development of new technologies and private sector standards for underwater cultural heritage resource management. In 1987, Mr. Stemm and his business partner bought their first research vessel and ROV system and embarked on a mission to create a company dedicated to developing private sector exploration of shipwrecks while adhering to the highest standards of archaeology.

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