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Remotely Operated Vehicle

Equipped with tools to work at 6,000 meters depth, our team uses COMANCHE to deliver the environmental and geological data essential for developing responsible mineral programs.

The 6,000-meter rated ROV includes hydraulic manipulator arms for collecting geological and environmental samples, video and still cameras, and telemetry options for a range of specialized, close-proximity sensing tools for seafloor and water column surveys. 

Collecting mineral resource and sediment samples allow Odyssey to characterize the potential mineral resources present. Visual profiling and sampling also provide data to understand environmental baseline conditions at and immediately above the seafloor to predict the impact of mineral extraction. 


Our team has thousands of hours of deep-water ROV experience assuring efficient operations that deliver data that meets the stringent standards international marine and mineral programs demand. 

The ROV will arrive in the South Pacific in May 2023. It will be deployed fully mobilized aboard a high-endurance vessel in the Cook Islands to enhance the exploration and understanding of the environment and resources. In addition to work in the Cook Islands, the ROV is available for other work in the Pacific, including mineral exploration in the Clarion-Clapperton Zone.


ROV Comanche_edited.png
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