Shipwreck Site Owners or Cargo Title Owners

Our pioneering methods of exploring deep ocean-shipwrecks have led to some of the most notable shipwreck discoveries in history. We have technology that allows us to operate depths up to 6,000 meters. Our team operates globally with the ability to work in any environment.

A shipwreck target search typically begins with a side-scan sonar survey of the target area, which is typically paired with a magnetometer survey. The most interesting anomalies on the ocean floor are then inspected visually with an ROV, which sends real-time video images to monitors on the survey vessel for observation by the scientific and technical teams. Once a target site is identified, our team will begin the recovery period of a project which is developed to based on the ship type, it's location and the time period in which it sank.


After a project's offshore operations are complete, we can develop a program to share the extraordinary finds of each shipwreck with the broader public. This can include museum displays, virtual exhibitions, TV programming, and publications.

Case Studies
Historic Shipwrecks

We work with leading archaeologists to conduct meticulous excavations of historically important sites. Our archaeological excavation and recovery operations combine high-tech robotics including Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) with sophisticated positioning systems, cameras and specialized computer hardware and software to carefully record the location of artifacts in situ and to document the entire archaeological process as the artifacts are recovered from a shipwreck site. As they conduct robotic archaeological operations at sites hundreds -and sometimes thousands -of feet below the ocean surface, Odyssey's ROV pilots are directed by marine archaeologists aboard the recovery vessel. Upon recovery and throughout the conservation process, the artifacts are analyzed, researched and documented by our archaeologists and researchers and by other scholars with relevant expertise.


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