Shipwreck Projects

Odyssey Marine Exploration has accomplished some of the most successful deep-ocean expeditions in the world, resulting in the discovery of hundreds of shipwrecks.


We have surveyed and mapped more than 26,000 square miles of seabed and spent more than 14,000 hours diving on sites using advanced robotic technology. Our expert team has discovered hundreds of shipwrecks ranging from third-century BC Punic sites to WWII casualties. We’ve also explored some of the most famous shipwreck finds to date including the SS Republic, HMS Victory, SS Gairsoppa and SS Central America.


In late 2015, Magellan Offshore Resources acquired the proprietary shipwreck database we created and developed over the past 20 years, with Odyssey retaining the role of exclusive shipwreck search and recovery contractor for Magellan. We are paid for conducting shipwreck operations and retain a 21.25% interest in any proceeds after costs. This relationship allows Odyssey to continue to use our proven and unique expertise on shipwreck projects while minimizing the financial risk.

There are numerous projects around the world in various stages of development.

Our Discoveries

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