We provide access to critical deep-ocean resources in an environmentally responsible manner - resources that will transform societies and economies for generations to come.

There is growing global demand for critical mineral resources to power the green economy, feed the world's growing population and provide vital infrastructure. Land based deposits of cobalt, manganese, rare earth minerals, phosphorite, gold, silver, copper and zinc are being depleted and, in some cases, mined with inappropriate labor or environmental protection. 

Subsea mineral deposits can provide these critical resources with carefully managed and minimized environmental and social impact than with land-based deposits. Odyssey's focus is on projects that can meet stringent standards for environmental responsibility and sustainability while unlocking benefits for the host community and country.

Odyssey has a diverse portfolio and pipeline of mineral concessions rights  in multiple jurisdictions around the globe. For over 20 years, Odyssey has developed cutting-edge ocean technology, which has been deployed by a team of the industry’s most skilled and successful ocean exploration professionals. 

Odyssey is leading the way to obtaining these critical resources in an environmentally sensitive and economically feasible  manner by diving deep into the ocean to produce results. 

  • Advance our subsea mineral assets to create and realize near-term and long-term value for our company, shareholders and host countries.

  • Conduct global marine operations reaching extreme depths to identify and validate resources.

  • Expand our mineral resource portfolio through the development of new projects, acquisition of mineral rights and deposits, and through a leveraged contracting model that allows value to be realized in mineral resource projects in several phases of development.

  • Foster new and continued relationships with governments and international businesses to expand opportunities for stakeholders worldwide.

What We Do

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