"Olympus" Project Odyssey has completed search and inspection on five 20th-century shipwreck targets.

Odyssey Delivers2,792 silver ingots recovered from SS Gairsoppa. More than 99% of insured silver recovered.

Dive DeeperYou can explore shipwreck sites in detail with Odyssey's Archaeological Papers Series and Virtual Museum.

Experience Exploration Odyssey's SHIPWRECK! exhibit features over 500 artifacts and the technology used to find and recover them.

Explorer's ToolsRemotely Operated Vehicles are the eyes and hands of our archaeologists & geologists in the deep ocean

Odyssey Marine Exploration is an innovative leader in deep-ocean exploration. From pioneering archaeological excavations on historic shipwrecks and record breaking recoveries of cargo from modern shipwrecks to discovering valuable mineral deposits and natural resources, no one knows the deep ocean better than our team. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking methods, Odyssey employs a world-class team of researchers, scientists and technicians, and is at the forefront of underwater exploration.

Odyssey explores the oceans of the world locating valuable treasures and resources, but our amazing discoveries go far beyond gold and silver. We've discovered sites and recovered artifacts that tell the forgotten stories of the thousands of years of maritime travel. We're also exploring for naturally occurring seabed deposits of much-needed resources such as copper and phosphorite necessary to build society's infrastructure and feed the world. Our finds are not kept hidden in a vault, they are showcased in exhibitions, publications, documentaries and online for you to enjoy. Welcome to the fascinating world of Odyssey Marine Exploration.

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