We focus on projects that can meet stringent standards for environmental responsibility while unlocking benefits for the host community and country. Our goal is to provide access to resources that can transform societies and economies for generations to come.

In addition to the projects listed on this page, Odyssey's subsea mineral portfolio contains multiple  projects in various stages of development throughout the world and across different mineral resources.


We  are regularly adding new quality projects that meet our stringent standards through our proprietary Global Prospectivity Program, leading to the acquisition of appropriate rights. Our portfolio continues to grow through the development of new deposits, acquisition of mineral rights/deposits and through our leveraged contracting model, which allows the company to earn equity in deep-sea mineral projects. 

Odyssey’s projects are focused in the Exclusive Economic Zone and jurisdiction of countries with prospective mineral deposits. Polymetallic/manganese/cobalt nodule, phosphorite, seafloor massive sulfide, and modern placer gold resources in water depths ranging from shallow (<100 meters) to over 6,000 meters are among our current mineral resource portfolio.

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