Deep below the ocean’s surface there are important resources that can transform societies and economies for generations to come in an environmentally responsible way. 

There is growing global demand for critical mineral resources to power the green economy, feed the world's growing population and provide vital infrastructure. Land based deposits of cobalt, manganese, rare earth minerals, phosphorite, gold, silver, copper, nickel and zinc are being depleted. 


As the worldwide population continues to grow, it is necessary to explore additional and alternative sources of these much-needed materials.


The future is deep. And Odyssey knows how to get there. We have spent nearly 30 years working in the deep ocean by investing in and developing research, technology and expertise. From marine mapping and sampling to resource validation and environmental planning, Odyssey is ready to provide access to critically needed resources in an environmentally responsible way.


Considering the benefits of subsea mineral resource development, we are convinced that in the future, deep sea mining will be the best practice for responsible provision of critical metals. Before that can happen, projects must be developed, resources have to be validated and environmental and societal impact must be assessed. Odyssey is taking the lead in preparing for this future through the development of environmentally and socially responsible seafloor mineral projects.

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Benefits of Ocean Mineral Exploration

  • Infrastructure Expense: No site-specific infrastructure and generally low capital expenditures – ship-based extraction systems provide the ability to redeploy, repurpose or increase equipment productivity through cost/tonne or ship charter financing options.

  • Overburden: Little overburden to be removed in most proposed ocean mining projects.

  • Flexibility: Extraction ships can move to different types of deposits/minerals to suit market conditions without infrastructure loss or additional capital costs.

  • Social Displacement: No people to displace, no disruption of society/property.

  • Environmental Impact: Ocean mining can be done responsibly and will have limited biological impact and a manageable carbon footprint.  No forested lands will be impacted, and freshwater systems are not affected. Ocean dredging, aggregate and diamond mining are underway in shallow waters, are widely accepted in many countries, and have posed little unanticipated impact to marine ecosystems.

  • Logistics: Shipping logistics are efficient as ore and materials are extracted and moved directly to bulk carriers, lowering the number of steps in the delivery process thus reducing costs.




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