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Over the past 2,000 years, mankind has nearly exhausted the mineral resources available to mine on the 30% of earth’s surface that’s dry. As the worldwide population continues to grow exponentially, it’s crucial to explore alternative methods of extraction of these much-needed resources. After all, they’re vital to building societies’ infrastructure and feeding the population.


Deep below the ocean’s surface lies billions of dollars’ worth of gold, copper, zinc, phosphate, and other precious commodities.

The technology we have today for offshore mineral mining is far superior and more cost effective than anything we had before. And we’re simply adapting existing technology faster, accelerating the attractiveness of seafloor mining. The same methods used in ocean dredging for many decades are already applied globally in seafloor aggregate and diamond mining.

Thankfully, now these valuable assets are readily findable and accessible through robotic technology that allows us to extract these deep-ocean mineral resources in an economical and environmentally sensitive way.


At the core of Odyssey’s DNA is the ocean. It is not just where we work, but it is also where we see the future and this is why we want to play our part in the responsibility to protect it.  

Our passion for the ocean is reflected in our personal and corporate commitment to the wellbeing of the ecosystem and providing social and economic benefits to the communities where we operate.


We see Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors as a key framework under which Odyssey can help fulfill our commitment to being a sustainable business by integrating these factors into our planning and execution.


Odyssey believes that if projects are responsibly developed to validate resources and include environmental studies to determine how to mitigate and minimize any potential impacts, the ocean can provide resources to help solve some of the world's biggest challenges and be the source for economic growth of communities around the world. It is our view that minerals responsibly extracted from the ocean will play a crucial role in powering the green economy, feeding the world's growing population and providing vital infrastructure.  We firmly believe these minerals can be extracted from the seafloor in a way that can have minimal negative impact on ecosystems and communities than current terrestrial sources of these same minerals.


Responsibility for ESG is an important component to our commitment. Oversight lies at the Board of Director level with our ESG Committee, comprising key senior leaders, providing input towards the execution of Odyssey’s ESG-related initiatives and goals and reviewing opportunities for program enhancement.

We operate sustainably and responsibly.

To us, this includes applying a management approach that integrates Environmental, Social, and Governance factors into our long-term decision making.

Supporting our people, providing economic benefits to communities, and being good stewards of the environment are at the core of our approach.

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