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Over the past 2,000 years, mankind has nearly exhausted the mineral resources available to mine on the 30% of earth’s surface that’s dry. As the worldwide population continues to grow exponentially, it’s crucial to explore alternative methods of extraction of these much-needed resources. After all, they’re vital to building societies’ infrastructure and feeding the population.


Deep below the ocean’s surface lies billions of dollars’ worth of gold, copper, zinc, phosphate, and other precious commodities.

The technology we have today for offshore mineral mining is far superior and more cost effective than anything we had before. And we’re simply adapting existing technology faster, accelerating the attractiveness of seafloor mining. The same methods used in ocean dredging for many decades are already applied globally in seafloor aggregate and diamond mining.

Thankfully, now these valuable assets are readily findable and accessible through robotic technology that allows us to extract these deep-ocean mineral resources in an economical and environmentally sensitive way.


Our success has always been dependent on our team of professionals in various fields who are passionate about the ocean,  discovery, and making a difference.

Odyssey’s world-class team, which includes a network of specialized technicians and environmental scientists, in addition to consultants, are at the forefront of underwater exploration and are committed to making a difference by contributing to feeding, powering and operating society.

Recruitment, Retention and Development

We work on technical and complex projects in often remote global locations and rely on our team of dedicated and experienced professionals, scientists and technicians to achieve our goals. That is why the recruitment, retention and development of talented individuals is a cornerstone of our corporate strategy.


Odyssey has a long tenured team which continues to grow and attract world class experts. We believe this is a testament to our culture of treating our team with respect, providing them with the tools and setting to be productive and innovative, and providing benefits that allow employees to maintain a healthy home and work life.



The overall health and well-being of our employees is important.  We strive to support our team on multiple levels and therefore provide benefits that reflect our vested interest in them and their families.  Odyssey offers generous health, dental and vision insurance coverage, company funded Health Reimbursement Accounts, as well as zero cost short-term, long-term and life insurance coverage for all employees.


We recognize that our team’s needs are varied and changing and that our benefits should as well.  Our innovative program ‘Beyond Benefits’ provides other, non-traditional assistance to employees.

Training and Development

One contributing factor to our resilience through personnel changes is our ability to ‘rescale’ and ‘upscale’ employees through internal and external training. Training offerings have consisted of seminars, educational courses and webinars, degree programs, professional organization memberships, subscriptions for scholarly journals, books and computer-based resources.  

Topics such as Cyber Security, and Compliance are mandatory for all employees every year. Other supplemental topic trainings included Environmental, Heath and Safety, Culture, and courses related to individual roles.


Total # of training hours in 2023: 155

Average training hours/person: 10

Our success depends on our people.

Our world-class team of professionals who are passionate about the ocean form the cornerstone of everything we do.


We invest in our people and cultivate a dynamic, engaging, safe and welcoming workplace that drives innovation, encourages collaboration, and helps our people thrive.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our ability to retain and recruit employees with diverse backgrounds and perspectives is critical to drive innovation and to adapt to future challenges. As we grow our employee base and expand our work in other countries with diverse local communities, we strive to foster an inclusive company culture through increased  training and awareness programs such as cultural sensitivity. 

Enhancing gender and racial/ethnic diversity in management and our broader workforce is among Odyssey’s priorities for the coming years. When we are looking to recruit a senior leadership position, we aim to have at least 50% of the candidates be from diverse backgrounds and leverage the expertise of recruitment firms to help.

Odyssey Gender Breakdown.jpg

Our Commitment to Safe Operations

Odyssey’s focus on responsible seafloor exploration includes adhering to international best practices in occupational health and safety (OSH). We are committed to maintaining an incident-free, healthy work environment for employees and contractors. We require that any contracted vessel, ship management agency, ship company, and crew staffed to be in good standing with various national, international and trade association codes.


Odyssey tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress toward safety goals outlined in our QHSE policies and procedures. These KPIs include recordable medical incidents, lost workdays, first aid cases, and restricted workdays as well as frequency of safety meetings, toolbox talks, permits to work, project meetings, inductions, safety observations, various drills and management visits. Capturing these details helps inform where further improvements and resources are required.  This process has been instrumental in increasing accountability and awareness. These KPIs are evolving as the organization and project requirements change and further illustrate our commitment to providing quality professional work, with an emphasis on safety. During our 2023 offshore operations, Odyssey and its partners were compliant with QHSE legislation and adhered to ship and offshore procedures.


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