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What started as a simple idea has turned into a cutting-edge business discovering the most critical resources on the seafloor.

A dream to find long-lost treasures in the deep ocean has become a multi-billion-dollar idea. The premise is simple: Billions of dollars worth of interesting things lie on the ocean floor. The technology exists to retrieve these items. Good business and world-class science can work together. These assets can and should be shared with the world. 

Odyssey has made headlines by finding the most famous shipwrecks in history. From a Civil War-era treasure ship to a World War II-era silver-laden steamship to Punic vessels dating before Christ and hundreds of other exciting ships with intriguing stories in between. We successfully found more shipwrecks than any other organization in the world. Still, we realized other treasures on the seafloor were more valuable to society and the world economy.

In 2009, Odyssey Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus Greg Stemm and CEO Mark Gordon began discussing a new idea to transform the company, exploring critical mineral resources in the ocean. Developing these subsea mineral projects could not only change the company, but by providing a clean, sustainable, and economical way to harvest these much-needed resources, our company could change the world. 

Today, Odyssey is building a portfolio of mineral resource projects. The company is researching and discovering diverse resources in different parts of the world. We work with communities and governments to benefit their country in immeasurable ways. The work is environmentally responsible and backed by world-class scientists and researchers. 

Although our focus has shifted, we remain passionately committed to being responsible stewards of the ocean and its resources. 


The Future is Deep. (1).jpg

"Our shipwreck finds have uncovered untold and forgotten stories in history. It was an amazing feat when we were able to surgically recover 110 tons of silver from three miles deep from a steel-hulled ship.

Now we are focusing on a new important mission which is to be the world leader in the exploration for and development of seabed resources in a responsible and profitable manner. Things like battery metals needed for renewable energy power the future and phosphate, a necessary component in fertilizer, to feed the future. These discoveries are not only changing us as a company, but they will change the world."

- Mark Gordon

Odyssey CEO and Chairman of the Board

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