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Over the past 2,000 years, mankind has nearly exhausted the mineral resources available to mine on the 30% of earth’s surface that’s dry. As the worldwide population continues to grow exponentially, it’s crucial to explore alternative methods of extraction of these much-needed resources. After all, they’re vital to building societies’ infrastructure and feeding the population.


Deep below the ocean’s surface lies billions of dollars’ worth of gold, copper, zinc, phosphate, and other precious commodities.

The technology we have today for offshore mineral mining is far superior and more cost effective than anything we had before. And we’re simply adapting existing technology faster, accelerating the attractiveness of seafloor mining. The same methods used in ocean dredging for many decades are already applied globally in seafloor aggregate and diamond mining.

Thankfully, now these valuable assets are readily findable and accessible through robotic technology that allows us to extract these deep-ocean mineral resources in an economical and environmentally sensitive way.


Our focus on maintaining accountability, transparency and being a trusted partner is at the core of our mission statement: to provide access to critical resources in an environmentally responsible manner that will bring societal and economic benefit for generations to come.

The base of standards upon which we build and carry out our business is outlined in our Code of Ethics and implemented through training and continued practical application. We have a no-exception policy on compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (FCPA) and UK Bribery Act. The independent Audit Committee of the Board has direct oversight of implementation of our anti-bribery policy. We require regular employee training of the Code including how to report a suspected violation to our 24/7 third-party hotline.  Employees who report an incident in good faith are, which includes being free from retaliation.


Oversight and accountability throughout the organization starts with our Board of Directors, which consists of a group of highly qualified leaders in their respective fields who bring a range of experiences and perspectives to the Board. Our corporate governance structure, with its strong emphasis on Board independence and diversity of backgrounds, experience and viewpoints, as well as an active Lead Independent Director and independent Board committee involvement, provides sound and robust oversight of management. Currently three of our four directors including our Lead Independent Director are independent, all of our standing board committee members and chairpersons are independent. We have an ongoing process whereby we evaluate the skillset and effectiveness of the Board and use this to inform and identify potential new candidates.


As part of our governance and accountability initiatives in 2021, management developed and initiated an enhanced proactive cybersecurity prevention program that includes 24/7 third-party monitoring, state-of-the-art firewalls and software, multiple system backups and a recovery program. This program was thoroughly discussed and is reported on at formal board meetings. We have also increased resources and are taking other steps to help increase our overall security profile.


We maintain and foster a culture of integrity and transparency.

In order to be a trusted and ethical partner, we are committed to doing business the right way in accordance with our values.

With oversight from our independent Board of Directors we reinforce our standards for behavior through our Code of Conduct and other internal compliance policies.

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