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We are focused on the exploration of subsea mineral resources that will provide a benefit to society now and in the future. 

Odyssey has spent nearly 30 years exploring the deep ocean to become a subsea mineral exploration, validation, and development leader. We work directly with governments interested in exploring their Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) to survey, map and identify any potential mineral resources. 


Our efforts are concentrated on minerals that provide solutions to world challenges, including reducing carbon emissions with a shift to renewable power and increasing fertilizer availability to help feed a growing world population.


Before these minerals can be brought to the surface, projects must be developed, resources must be validated, and environmental and societal impacts must be assessed. Exploration is the first step.


Odyssey uses its decades of deep-ocean exploration experience, more than 10 years of deep-sea minerals experience, and a world-class team of experts to sustainably advise and execute its projects. Our projects are developed with partners who share our commitment to sustainable and environmentally sound solutions. Along the way, we will use our work to contribute to marine scientific research and establish community programs so that our impact extends beyond just the value of the resource. 


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Clean energy isn't possible without batteries to power it. Low-carbon technologies (including wind, solar, and electric vehicles) are mineral intensive and driving up the demand for critical metals.  Polymetallic nodules contain the metals required to produce green technology with no social and less environmental impact.

Phosphorus fertilizer shortages and threats to the supply chain hurt the world’s food supply. Developing Odyssey's phosphate projects would add a significant store to the North American supply of this much-needed mineral.

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