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  • What does Odyssey do?
    Odyssey Marine Exploration discovers, validates and develops subsea mineral resources.
  • How long has Odyssey been exploring the ocean?
    The company was founded in 1994 . To date, Odyssey has spent 24,000 hours exploring the ocean resulting in 30,000 square miles of seabed surveyed and mapped.
  • What type of mineral resources is Odyssey focused on discovering?
    Odyssey Marine Exploration is focused on the exploration, development and validation of ocean mineral resources that are in high demand to meet carbon reduction and increased food production goals. Most if not all, minerals that can be found on land can be found in the ocean. We have honed our project development plans to focus on the minerals and metals that are in the highest demand to benefit our future on earth: subsea phosphorite deposits high in phosphate to feed the future and polymetallic nodules rich in battery metals to power the future.
  • How does Odyssey ensure its work is responsibly conducted?
    Our company’s core values dictate that we will only pursue seafloor mineral projects where we can prove that the ultimate extraction process can be carried out in an environmentally sensitive manner. The most important exploration objective is for our offshore science team to obtain sufficient environmental data to determine whether resource extraction can be accomplished without serious harm to the environment. If it is determined it can be conducted, we will develop a comprehensive and effective environmental monitoring plan to be implemented during commercial operations.
  • How does Odyssey develop new projects?
    We are creating a diversified subsea mineral portfolio with projects around the globe and in different mineral sets. Odyssey’s Global Prospectivity Program is a proprietary system developed by our team to add new mineral projects to our portfolio. We add new projects to our portfolio by obtaining new licenses, acquiring equity in non-controlled projects and increasing our equity holdings in existing projects.
  • Where does Odyssey work?
    Odyssey's project development is focused in the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) of countries interested in utilizing their natural seafloor resources. Our project development team analyzes regional geological data, information from previous expeditions, and mining legislation to determine project viability.
  • Why did Odyssey switch its focus to minerals?
    The shipwreck business is high risk with unpredictable returns. We demonstrated that our team could find and recover any target we sought. During this part of the company’s history, we saw huge successes on wrecks like the Republic and Gairsoppa. Likewise, the work we put into recovery, conservation, publishing, etc. on other potentially valuable wrecks was not rewarded at all. Around 2009, it was evident that to achieve longevity we needed to re-think our business strategy. Our core competencies easily translate to mineral resource development, a business that has lower risk and potentially huge returns. Though our focus has shifted the business philosophy remains the same: There are billions of dollars’ worth of interesting things lying on the ocean floor; the technology exists to retrieve these items; good business and world-class science can work together; these assets can and should be shared with the world.


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