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Vice President, Director of Research and Scientific Services

John M. Oppermann leads the research and scientific teams in expanding and overseeing Odyssey’s diverse mineral resource portfolio. Together with these key departments and various consultants, he manages the efforts to identify key strategic resources, advise on environmental issues and mitigation strategies and orchestrates the development of the key components necessary to apply for mineral rights in various jurisdictions.

Mr. Oppermann became Odyssey’s Vice President and Director of Research and Scientific Services in 2013. He joined the company as the Director of Archaeology, Research and Conservation in 2005. During Odyssey’s shipwreck exploration years, Mr. Oppermann led the development of the company’s methodology for research and target selection thus building the company’s extensive target database that resulted in some of the biggest shipwreck discoveries in history. Mr. Oppermann also directed the archaeological, publications and conservation teams which demonstrate the company’s best-in-class work through documentation and exhibition.

Now that the company has shifted its focus to mineral resource exploration, Mr. Oppermann has helped develop the company’s creation of resource development assessments that project mineral tonnages and economic values of the targeted metals/minerals that are within Odyssey’s portfolio. Environmental Impact Assessments and Statements also fall under his purview.

Prior to joining Odyssey, Mr. Oppermann was Executive Co-Director for ProNet Polk, Senior Director of Internet Services Delivery Operations for WorldCom Group and Director of Operations Improvement of VoiceStream Wireless Corporation and Nextel. Mr. Oppermann holds a Bachelor of Business Administration as well as a Master’s of Business Administration in corporate finance from Pace University.

John M. Oppermann

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