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Mark D. Gordon

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board


Mark D. Gordon is an entrepreneur with a keen ability to build companies and lead them to realizing their true potential for success. He orchestrated Odyssey’s pivot from shipwreck exploration to subsea mineral resources by recognizing the opportunity to apply Odyssey’s core competencies in a more productive manner, selecting diverse and strategic key mineral resource targets for the Odyssey portfolio and securing the funding necessary for the company to achieve success in this new endeavor.

Mr. Gordon was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Odyssey Marine Exploration in 2014 and Chairman of the Board in 2019. Mr. Gordon also served as the company's President from 2007-2019 and on Odyssey's Board of Directors since January 2008.  He joined Odyssey in 2005 as an independent consultant before serving as Director, Business Development and Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development, where he was responsible for the Attraction, Business Development and Retail Merchandising operations for the Company.

Prior to joining Odyssey, Mr. Gordon started, owned or managed four different entrepreneurial ventures from 1987 to 2003, including Synergy Networks which he founded in 1993 and served as CEO until September of 2003 before selling the company to the Rockefeller Group. He continued serving as President of Rockefeller Group Technology Services Mid Atlantic (RGTSMA), a member of Rockefeller Group International, until December 2004. Past work experience also includes a two-year tenure as a Management Consultant at Arthur Andersen Consulting (now Accenture).

Mr. Gordon received a B.S./Business Administration in 1982 and an MBA in Finance in 1983 from the American University. As a shipwreck diver with the National Diving Center in Washington DC, he has conducted hundreds of dives and explorations on shipwrecks and was the first person to discover and dive on the wreck of the S.S. Proteus, a ship that had been missing since the early 1900s.

Mr. Gordon is also a board member for Marine Applied Research and Exploration, a non-profit focused on working collaboratively with state and federal agencies, academic institutions, and other NGOs, deploying a robotic fleet to explore and document deep-water ecosystems in support of their conservation and management.

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